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Securely connect remote teams instantly with audio, pictures and videos and make collaborating easier with managed Rocket.Chat. Easily work from anywhere, chat or call your team, and streamline your workflow with hundreds of integrations with services and applications you love.

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Turn your visitors into customers, we enable your collaboration platform. 👩‍🚀 🎉

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Why managed Rocket.chat ?

JungleWP for remote teams helps companies improve collaboration and transparency while we proactively take over the regular care, security and maintenance of your ChatOPS.


Focus on building products, not

deploying and maintaining chat.

Unlock information

Stop digging through forum threads, emails, and old wikis.

Connect teams

Distributed employees can easily access your central source of truth.

Check our Rocket.Chat Managed Platform Features

We enhance the best communication platform, for your peace of mind.

Build for the long term with JungleWP
Managed updates, security, backups, and monitoring.

JungleWP empowers your team with solutions that make your Rocket.Chat hosting a breeze so they can focus on effectively communicating and managing goals that matter to your organization's success.

  • Reduction of administrative burden and technical barriers

  • Relief of your own IT department

  • Optimal integration with supported applications

  • Fixed, calculable monthly costs

  • Always up-to-date, secure, high-performance

We take over for you
Advantages of JungleWP Managed Hosting.

A server that is well-maintained is more reliable and secure. However, several businesses struggle to find the time to perform these critical maintenance activities in a timely manner. This operation is taken care of by us.

  • Your data is stored on encrypted cloud storage designed for data durability and protection.

  • Stepless control over hardware limits

  • No artificial limitation (e.g. number of accesses, data volumes, users etc.)

  • Monthly budget is within a manageable range

  • We are one email away, when you need assistance

We partnered up with Rocket.Chat to offer you a simple way to easily launch your communication platform.

Keep your workflow | for your global teams.

Rocket Chat is a user experience centric messaging and collaboration service for agile teams that makes your workflow easy by centralizing all your tools in one platform. With JungleWP, you decide on which geographic location this happens on our dedicated cloud infrastructure.

Keep your | connected, we manage your platform.

You have enough on your plate without worrying about your team being out of the loop or the extra stress of them missing sales opportunities. Reduce costs, and increase your team performance by serving your clients from a unique platform tailored for boosting customer engagement, we take over the technical setup for you.

Rocket.Chat hosting made simple for you

We crafted the best managed cloud hosting platform to help you grow your business with services and solutions tailored to meet your needs.




Billed Annually
For self-reliant teams that don't need managed services.

I have
Per Month

*Minimum of 10 users

Billed Annually
For workforce teams ready to increase productivity.

Tiered Pricing and Volume Discount
For high-level teams who need scalability and total support.

Rocket.Chat hosting that grows with you

The most advanced configuration optimized for speed, security, and the flexibility your Rocket.Chat platform needs.

From Self-Managed
1-click Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat ready servers.

Deploy Rocket.Chat

1-click Rocket.Chat installation.

End-to-end encryption

Only users can read the messages.


Messages are encrypted by the sender and stored encrypted, but the third party does not have a means to decrypt them.

Dedicated Server

13 Datacenter Regions.

Choose a location

Create your resources in 13 datacenter regions.

Web Security

State of the art web security.


Slowloris protection, Handshake encryption, Argon2id password hashing.

1k users

Recommended 1k users.

Free users

Open-Source Community Edition.

Omni Channels

Basic live chat for your website.


Livechat to serve your clients from web applications.

LDAP/Active Directory

LDAP basic syncs.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Integrate with Microsoft AD and other LDAP systems for single sign-on.

User Permissions

Customizable user permissions.

User Permissions

Customize your user permissions and give granular access to your platform.

Customer Support

Basic email support.

Support Team

We provide a better experience for you and your team.

Cloud Control Panel

Crafted for Humans.

Control Panel

Setup your cloud resources with ease and reliably.

Push notifications

10k monthly push notifications.

Push Notifications

10.000 Monthly Push Notifications.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall rules.

WAF rules

Protect your Rocket.Chat instance against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic.

1-Click Disaster-recovery

Regular server snapshots.

Disaster Recovery

Automatically-created disk images of your sever.

Automated Backups

Automated backups.

Automated Backups

Safe guard your Rocket.Chat instance, with point in time based disk images.

Ultra fast SSD

Fast disks tuned to host web apps.

Optimized SSD

Scalable and fast SSD to host web apps, files caching, and databases.

Transactional Cloud Emails

Reliable, and scalable email service.

Transactional emails

Service that enables you to send transactional mails like passwords resets, orders notifications, etc... from within any web application.

Domain Zone Management

Protect and accelerate your web property.

Domain Management

Edit your domain settings, view essential traffic insights and boost your domain performance.

Seamless Vertical Scaling

Upgrade your server ressources.

Scalable hosting

Scale your server ressources as you grow.

From Managed
Verified Updates

OS, security and Rocket.Chat updates.

Managed Updates

Managed updates and patch management for your Rocket.Chat instance.

AWS S3 Storage

Cross-regional high available storage.


Persist your uploads with end-to-end encryption on AWS S3 storage.

Managed WAF

Managed Web Application Firewall rules.

Managed WAF rules

We provide protection against common application vulnerabilities or other unwanted traffic, without you having to write your own rules.

Push notifications

25k monthly push notifications.

Push Notifications

25.000 Monthly Push Notifications.

Social Network Login

Authentication with social networks.


Authenticate and register users from social networks.

SLA: Standard

12 hours Support.

Support Team

Response time depends on the severity of the issue and ranges from 12 hours for low impact to 1 hour for critical impact.

Omnichannel Standard

Standard live chat for your website.


Unlock livechat professional features such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Unlimited Users

No restrictions on the number of users.

Licensed users

Unlocks Rocket.Chat professional features for licensed users, and allows guests.

Security and Compliance

Secure your uploads and prevent threats.

Protected Uploads

Antivirus solution that scans your files to protect your users against threats.

From Enterprise
High Scalability

Miximise your Rocket.Chat availability.


Solution designed to withstand high demand and intensive workloads on your Rocket.Chat.

Message Audit Panel

Review and Audit messages between users.

Audit Logs

Moderators can review messages between users in the Message Auditing Panel.

Push notifications

Unlimited Push Notifications.

Push Notifications

Unlimited Push Notifications.

Enhanced LDAP

LDAP enhanced syncs.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Integrate with Microsoft AD and other LDAP systems for single sign-on.

SLA: Premium

6 hours Support.

Support Team

Response time depends on the severity of the issue and ranges from 6 hours for low impact to 30 minutes for critical impact.

Engagement Dashboard

Evaluate user engagement on the channels.

Engagement Dashboard

This feature adds the ability to evaluate user engagement on the channels.

Helpful answers

JungleWP empowers your teams with solutions and services to see you succeed.

From where do we start?

You deploy a Pod (Linux server) and choose where this is located in an external data center of your choice. Or you simply ask us to do it for you.

Why should I get a managed Rocket Chat?

With our managed plans we ensure that Rocket.Chat runs stable and performant on your dedicated server and the costs are within the range that can be planned.

What are the different levels of issue response times?

Critical Business Impact A critical issue occurring on Rocket.Chat that prevents business operations from occurring or a large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround. Example: data loss or corruption; system crashes; critical functionality not available; large number of users can’t work.

Normal Business Impact An issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on a production system. A small number of users are affected. Example: some systems functions are not available; small number of users impacted; minor performance problems.

Minimal Business Impact Issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue. Example: product questions.

How does JungleWP take over?

JungleWP helps you with professional installation and setup, as well as general maintenance of the Rocket.Chat application on our cloud infrastructure. We roll automatic security updates to your underlying Linux operating system with weekly backups and timely disk snapshots.

What type of technical support do you provide?

Technical support regarding the care of the server environment (in case of malfunctions and failures) are included in the monthly plans.

What's not included are:

  • Development services, consulting, user support or other (configuration) services that go beyond the technical support of the server.

  • Post installation or activation of additional functionality, Add-ons, Plugins, Libraries etc…

Extra costs are charged for these services. The operation of additional software that requires root permission for installation or operation is fundamentally not possible.


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Our online collaboration platform boosts productivity by helping global teams work together more efficiently and takes all the stress of managing infrastructure or technology off your plate.

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Fully managed cloud platform for your peace of mind.

JungleWP brings a robust and simple Cloud Hosting experience to Business, Entrepreneurs and Enterprise customers alike. We offer a range of fully managed hosting services needed for having a secure and solid start in the web .

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